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Carvings for any time of the season

Make the ordinary extraordinary

May I just start by saying thank you for taking the time to visit NoOrdinaryPumpkins.com. I hope it's helpful in finding what you're looking for.

I originally started carving on real seasonal pumpkins years ago for my wife and kids. As time went on, I started getting requests from family, friends, and coworkers. Although this was fun it was also messy. My hands would be stained orange from so many pumpkin carvings. 

I now carve on artificial craft foam pumpkins. These pumpkins will last forever. All pumpkins are hand carved so regardless of the same image, no pumpkin is the same.











I had always wondered of what other things to carve and keep this art going throughout the year with the same concept and not just a seasonal thing.

That's where my Shadow Box carvings came into mind. With these carvings you can keep them in any room of your choosing. The only difference with the shadow boxes is you have more free play with light colors and placement options. Always a plus.

Always accepting new business. Email for more info !

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